Our services

Manufacture and installation of prosthetics

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Who We Are

Will steps organization / WSO
A charitable, humanitarian, non-profit, non-political organization concerned with the manufacture and installation of prosthetic operations, work to achieve high level of  health and security for peoples in general, regardless of race, gender, color, religion and sect

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Vision and Mission

Vision: A healthy society recovered from the effects of disasters and wars that has health awareness for a better life. 
Mission: To provide integrated health services of high efficiency and international standards to the afflicted Syrians in and outside Syria.

Consulting of businessmen and male lawyers or judge advisors with team meetings with clients in the legal concept office.

The Legal form of WSO

WSO is a Turkish Society licensed by the Directorate of Turkish Charities supervised by Turkish Ministry of Interior, that meets all legal, judicial, and accounting requirements.


Marmara mahallesi, Hürriyet bulvarı, yurt caddesi 220. Sk no 17. Beylikdüzü .  Istanbul